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Our Collection

Introducing our finest variety of flavours, selected by our devoted baristas. Each one has its own uniqueness and strength to match perfectly with what you’re craving. Check out the collection below and pick the best fit for you.

Making Coffee


We offer our customer two different variants of espresso.Both 100% Arabica. One of the variants leads more towards the more traditional taste of an espresso, nutty, chocolaty and pleasant bitterness notes. The other variant would be the opposite of this traditional taste, notes would be more towards the fruity, sour and acidic side. Depending on the season of the year these variants vary from different places of the world.

Pouring Coffee into Filter


At our brew bar we give our customers different alternatives for filter coffee. Chemex and V60 are our favourites. During summer Cold Brew is implemented in the menu. As we do with espresso beverages we keep a wide selection of 100 % arabica beans. The filter coffee we aim to provide is towards a more light roast to enhance more aromas and delicate flavours coffee has. 

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